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  • See Amazon sales attributed directly inside of Facebook Ad Manager as a new column.
  • Make ad decisions based on bottom of funnel (cost per Amazon purchase) instead of misleading top of funnel metrics (cost per message, cost per click).

Advanced Users

  • Our own “Amazon pixel”. For the FB objective, choose an actual conversion event to optimize for Amazon purchases.
  • Sync multi-channel funnels and data sources (product inserts, Google Sheets, etc) back to FB data to improve algorithmic optimization.


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Fun facts about the software

traffic and conversion summit

Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019​

At Roland Frasier’s crowd-favorite talk, he filled 2 slides with 10+ Amazon tools. Zontracker was the only tool with a full slide dedicated to it.


Yev Marusenko, Ph.D., H10 Elite speaker

Zontracker founder invited as a guest expert at one of the top Amazon masterminds (Helium10 Headquarters in California).



Our biggest referral source since the beginning has always been Amazon sellers and experts mentioning the tool to other sellers. Thank you!

Zontracker compatible with:


We leverage the Facebook API to connect any data sources provided by the seller and apply our own custom algorithms to increase attribution based on viewing or clicking a Facebook ad.

Yes. We are, however, limited by as far as integrations allow or the data sources that you connect. At minimum, use the Google Sheets integration with any data that you send to it.

We do not directly but contact support to be in touch with various partner media buyers experienced with Zontracker depending on your needs or post in our FB group.

It’s very complementary. The best companies use both.

Zontracker advantages:

  • Spillover sales are trackable from ad traffic to your website. 
  • Links do not need to be clicked. You can track “view” sales.
  • Data is directly inside FB Ad Manager.
  • You can optimize for Amazon purchase conversions.
  • All of the other features and insights.

Please see our article on running FB ad strategies and check out the FB group for various videos.

The attribution and optimization is not perfect.  Many brands do not have success because it depends on many factors. Your ad strategy may determine if accuracy is high or low depending on the type of data you are integrating. We’ve never seen it above 90% accuracy. For some it’s barely 50% and they use the data as a relative comparison where no data is better than some data since Amazon makes it difficult to track. Our suggestion is to keep testing and over time your ads will improve. Some brands have terrible results but then change up their strategy or other factors improve to have massive success. There are enough sellers with great results using FB ads, plus our tool increases the chance of that with unique insights.

The software is allowed. We primarily leverage the Facebook API. Is it within TOS? Generally yes but it depends on your marketing strategies. There are many ways you can break or bend the rules using FB ads for external marketing to Amazon, so please don’t be spammy. We don’t automatically pull customer name directly from Amazon since the Amazon API is restricted. We are sort of like Zapier connecting any data you provide to improve FB attribution. You should not be communicating with Amazon customers outside of Amazon. See this WIRED article with our founder Dr. Yev Marusenko interviewed about finding balance between customer privacy, Amazon data protection, and Amazon seller needs of external marketing.

Zontracker is 100% compatible with anything else you do or software you use. There are no changes necessary that the customer will see. The full power is in the Facebook API. You activate it and have more data than before to make better ad decisions.

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