Activate Amazon data reporting in Facebook

Scroll down if you prefer a visual step-by-steps guide

1. CLICK HERE to upgrade your default Facebook Ad Manager to the free Facebook Business Manager, if you haven’t already. Make sure to assign/migrate your Ad Accounts by going to Business Settings -> Accounts -> Ad Accounts ->. Add an Ad Account -> Ad Account ID)
2. Add as your Facebook Business Manager Admin
—> 1. Go to People in Business settings* 
—> 2. Click button “+ Add” 
—> 3. Enter
—> 4. Turn ON “Admin” access 
—> 5. Click NEXT and then click Invite (don’t assign any assets). You’ll come back to the People page
—> 6. Make sure pending is selected in the People column
—> 7. Click “Resend invitation” 
—> 8. Copy the URL and paste it at the form page
—> 9. Click resend invitation on Facebook 
THAT’S IT! The rest of the setup will be completed for you. 

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