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New column in FB Ad Manager. Basic purchase attribution. May be incomplete if leveraging ads and funnels with data in other integrations. [Average 2x boost for Premium]

It allows you to track Amazon Purchases derived from your FB Ads (including spillover and ‘view’ sales). It basically creates a column on your Ads Manager called ‘Amazon Purchase Zontracker‘. You can see volume and value for Amazon Purchases.


Optimize for Amazon purchase conversion event

We will create a new pixel in your Ads Manager called ‘Amazon purchase pixel‘ that will allow you to optimize conversions for Amazon purchases. 


Data from Manychat is sent back to FB for attribution or optimization

If you want to utilize Manychat to boost your sales, optimize it and track with FB Ads manager, you can now do it with Zontracker. This feature was just newly released from Zontracker in 2020 and is showing promising results compared to older methods of Zontracker. Setup is easy. With the right set up and data, it can be a very powerful tool for you to boost your sales in no time. 

There are 2 main benefits by having this setup in ManyChat:

  • Higher accuracy with your Amazon purchases data;
  • By setting ‘conversions’ as your objectives when creating FB campaigns, you will be able to run campaigns that focuses on actual conversion events or quality leads that has reached the bottom funnel of your campaign. This means that you can run multiple variations of FB ads and can determine which campaign is doing better and turn off the other campaigns / replicate the campaign that is actually working for you.
Zontracker pathways


Amplify effectiveness of FB ads by improving Zontracker algorithm

Connect your Seller.Tools API inside your Zontracker Dashboard and also leverage your ST naming fields that are used inside ManyChat. 

This feature makes the entire flow more effective connecting Zontracker to the full power of the Facebook API, ST features, and ZT automation for improve attribution and optimization.


Data from Google Sheets is sent back to FB for attribution or optimization (send data via Zapier to Google Sheets)

The entire flow in the diagram is essentially data sent from one place to another. Google Sheets allows you to add any data that you would like (ecommerce, product inserts, etc.) for it to be sent via Facebook API and the Zontracker algorithm to FB ads attribution and optimization improvement.

Zontracker pathways


Regardless of what 3PL or software you use, we connect your seller-fulfilled orders to improve FB attribution and optimization

Facebook API leverages Shipstation API to take your ecommerce orders automatically and plug them into the attribution and optimization algorithm to maximize the rest of the features.

INSIGHTS (*free*)

See unique metrics such as sales per state, category affinity, and Amazon customer LTV. In other words, some of these metrics reveal a type of conversion rate at the state level compared to other Amazon sellers and categories.
Also see ASIN combinations of which products are bought together by single purchasers, repeat customers, and in which sequence.
**feature available on free plan


Save hours every week by split-testing ads in unique ways. Create many audiences and populate them into ad sets automatically (can't do that in the default FB Ad Manager!). Test multiple objectives with one click! Different conversion events are automatically created inside ad sets.

splittest options


Identical to Zontracker for Amazon but for eBay. It's actually better for eBay because eBay has instant and fully automated data sync, which has been closed off by Amazon API

First-of-a-kind software for eBay sellers to amplify sales through tracking, targeting, and optimization from Facebook ads. Fully automated.

  • Track eBay purchases from Facebook ads
  • Retarget eBay customers and build eBay lookalikes
  • Optimize for eBay purchases


Check regional rank for any keyword. See inventory distribution. Compare desktop vs mobile rank. Other unique insights. Basic AmzJet plan with 20 keywords

The first-ever Amazon tool to track keyword rank at the regional level. Check rank for your products and for competitors in each U.S. state to leverage the data in inventory distribution and marketing strategies.
“Georank” tracker will save you hours of time every week/month checking 50 U.S. states with just one click.
Access other unique metrics only possible in this software such as keyword volatility – a hidden gem in product research! More info on the full Amazon geolocation software here.

GOOGLE ADS (New! July 2020)

We're super exhited about this one... We thought is was impossible but we figured our part of it. Google Ads tracking and optimization for Amazon sales

Certain scenarios of Google Ads for Amazon will allow you to track purchases at the keyword level and see the data inside of Google Ads. Also, you are able to optimize for the conversion action Amazon purchase. More info here for the Google Ads feature only.


Improve optimization. Enhance sync across optimizations and minimize errors during high volume sales bursts (using faster support and engineering resources).
($29 per month - eligible on a-la-carte, basic or premium plans)

The platinum upgrade is for our top users. The functionality improvement is only minimal (with about 1-5% improvement of error reduction) but we prioritize your account on all matters related to the software in regards to support, feature requests, beta-access.

All plans come with a 100% refund guarantee within the first 30 days if you are not happy. 

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