Zontracker launches Google Ads tracker and optimizer for Amazon

FB ads are hard. Only a small % of Amazon sellers figure out Facebook ads due to the heavy amount of testing and creative needed, aswell as many other factors. Now you can leverage the power of keyword search and buying intent of Google Ads to amplify your Amazon sales.


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Zontracker versus Amazon Attribution and other methods

The best Zontracker users use multiple methods, including Amazon Attribution. However, here are the 2 enormous Zontracker advantages that are impossible with Amazon Attribution:

1. Amazon purchases are attributed inside Google Ads manager!

Previously, it was a limiting factor and a nightmare for media buyers to jump around platforms to see the minimal data provided by Amazon or tracking coupon code usage, affiliate link usage, etc. With Zontracker you can scale ads appropriately with quicker and easier decision power to experiment. Having dozens or 100s of campaigns to test copy and 1000’s of keywords is now your advantage. 

2. You can optimize for "Amazon purchase" conversion actions!

Finally, you can scale appropriately by actually leveraging the Google Ads algorithm. Receive the data back into Google at the keyword level that then optimizes your campaign. This advantage is equivalent to having the Google pixel (conversion tracking code) on your website for Amazon purchases.

[UPDATE] July 23 Launch is over

Premium plan is no longer available for prioritized features and support. Only Basic plan is available until second batch of enrollment opens.

[UPDATE] September 21, 2nd round is open with new feature update


Full help guide is available here.


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