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I couldn’t find a guide like this so I made one. Please comment if I missed any strategies?

Here are some tips on how to track Amazon sales from Facebook ads.
You can look up our brand Heroclip and see the success we are having because of all of these methods. We’re public and popular all over the world so I wanted to share what we do. More recently we only do #5 that I came up with because it’s my favorite and it was not possible before.
Here are ways tracking is important for you to scale your Amazon brand with Facebook ads (directly to Amazon or directly to your website).

1. Create discount codes in Amazon

Every single FB ad must have a unique discount code or lead to a landing page that gives out a unique discount code (unique codes traced back to a group of codes). Various landing page builders and plugins work great here to make this easier. Manually check coupon code usage to FB ads to evaluate success of FB ads.
Disadvantage – Lots of data to keep track off. Does not account for sales if discount code not used.
Difficulty: Medium
Cost: Low
Effectiveness: High

2. Use Amazon Affiliate program

Include unique affiliate link in every ad or unique link on every landing page. This tracks all sales that happen on Amazon from the link, even from other Amazon brands that are visited by the link clicker.
Disadvantage: Some platforms don’t like affiliate links. Does not account for sales if link is not clicked. Lots of manual work to track success back to the FB ad.
Difficulty: Medium
Cost: Low
Effectiveness: Medium

3. Use Amazon Stores

(similar to the previous Amazon Brand Pages)
Amazon storefront pages have metrics that reveal sources of data. You have to create the pages but not everyone may have access to creating them (although this might be in most accounts now).
Disadvantage: Limited to where you can point your Facebook ads (basically only to the Amazon Store page). Doesn’t work for “spillover Halo” sales. Might suck for keyword ranking since you’re limited on types of URLs you can use.
Difficulty: High (creating high converting content, with limited editing ability)
Cost: Low
Effectiveness: Low-Medium

4. Use offline conversions

Take Amazon customer/order info, upload it to Facebook to match to profiles and match to ad account. Can get a virtual assistant to do it for you at a cost for frequent uploads.
Disadvantage: Manually do all of the data extraction, preparation in right format, and uploads.
Difficulty: High
Cost: High
Effectiveness: Medium-High

5. Zontracker

Matches Amazon customers to Facebook users and those that saw an ad from your FB account (through Amazon and Facebook API). Similar to #4 but it’s all automated and instant. Better than #1,2,3 above because even if Facebook user see’s ad but does not click it, then goes to Amazon anyway to search for brand and product, and makes the purchase, that will be tracked to the specific FB ad.
Disadvantage: Dependent on matching Amazon customer to FB profile. Slightly better than #4 because uses custom algorithms to match.
Difficulty: Easy
Cost: Medium
Effectiveness: Medium-High

Short disclaimer that steps 1-4 above are either ineffective or difficult, so considering there is no alternative and the importance of running FB ads for Amazon brands, it should be fine to mention the tool ZonTracker, even though I made ZonTracker (admins delete post if not appropriate with the partial self-promotion).

IMPORTANT: Hopefully all of the info above is useful to implement any method above to be able to scale up your FB ads and amplify your Amazon store, or as in the case for our brand Heroclip for you to have better ROI reporting as we have scaled our FB ads to our Shopify store and have great analytics that 10% equivalent of sales happen on Amazon as “spillover Halo” just because of FB ads to website (not to Amazon). Oh yea I forgot about #6. Guessing. Actually what most Amazon brands do that run FB ads. This is super ineffective since you have to be able to turn off ads that don’t work (to save you money) and scale up the ones that do – the basis of amplification and effective FB ads which won’t work by just guessing.
If you’re starting out, #1 and #2 are definitely the best, with some combination of #4. They all take time and have no cost. They are also ones with steps that you can quickly start outsourcing to a VA to be able to do the tracking at a bigger scale. For anyone already getting sales, #5 is a no-brainer just because it’s all automated and can be used in conjunction with any of the other approaches.
Also happy to take any questions about scaling FB ads.

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