This is NOT the method with Amazon affiliate Associates program or using coupon codes.
It’s an unknown hack to track Amazon sales that are coming from any advertising platform.
Pay attention to understand why Facebook ads are actually part of the workaround.
It works for Google AdWords, Youtube ads, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat.

Works for any ad platform including Bing, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Snap, Instagram, and others.


1. Use any pixel embedder such as to add your Facebook pixel to the link. This way when someone clicks your Google ad (synonymous with any advertising platform, but we’ll just say Google) it pixels alls of your clickers into a Facebook audience (you’ll have to easily create the audience later in Facebook). This traffic can go directly to Amazon or to your own landing page to build an audience. You can also get creative and send traffic to influencers or any 3rd party review/blog PR of your brand. This is the advantage of this method over others like using coupon codes is that you can send your traffic anywhere without requiring a link to be clicked or coupon code to be claimed (other than the original Google ad click).

2. Run FB ads. The destination or type of ad can be ANYTHING. The goal is to attach Facebook’s knowledge that all of the Google ad clickers are now part of the FB Ad Account exposed to the ads that you are running, and will be linked to Amazon sales because of the next step. That retargeting audience may simple scroll quickly through your FB ads but that doesn’t matter because we just need to trigger that they “viewed” the FB ad.

3. Amazon sales occur because of the Google ads through any type of funnel. You can get creative. Any scenario as long as people stumble their way onto the Amazon listing and purchase will be trackable. Next, send the Amazon purchase data to Facebook using offline conversions (manually, time-consuming) or with Zontracker automatically. Due to step 2 above, there are FB ads that have the different pools of audiences coming from Google ads that now you can see attributed as sales in the FB Ad Manager.

Amazon Attribution is releasing a way to attribute your Google ads and external traffic to be able to see that in Amazon more effectively. Until then, try this method. If you need to get more complex (such as 20 different Google ads), then make sure to have a unique landing page or FB pixeled link and then that is the unique audience targeted in a separate FB ad. This way you can tell exactly which FB ad = Google ad is leading to Amazon sales.

Thanks for reading. We hope that was helpful.

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